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So I'm Sarah and I love taking photographs.  Most days you will find me behind a computer screen, camera or lazing around with my kids.  I am mostly known for my passionate and determined spirit that hopes to make change in the world as well as my talent for humor relief using various levels of sarcasm and witty repertoire. 

I am often referred to as that outspoken, passionate, funny, open-minded, sometimes sharp-tongued but always empowering and determined chick. Those words actually came from my friends (I forced them to answer a poll)

I love serving the world by empowering people to live the best version of their lives not to mention by adding more laughter to everything I can!  I am passionate about things such as my friends, my family, empowering others, equality for all, art, food, Netflix, random humor, and following your dreams just to name a few.  I am inspired by fine art, paintings, color, nature, people's stories, photography of all kinds, strong women, the belief that love and acceptance should be universal concepts, and that brownies are the fuel for life.

I photograph and create portrait art for all stages of girls and women's lives, for people who want to stand out, who love getting glammed up, who want to celebrate a memorable time in their lives, who want to have an experience like no other and people who have hid away from existing in photographs whatever their reason may be.  Creating one of a kind portrait art is my passion not to mention it is a blast.  Clients are friends not just a subject in front of my camera and I love to meet people and expand my friend base.  Your stories and personalities are what inspire me and make things fun!

"Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire"


A few random facts for the road:

I have 2 sons (one away at NYU eeek!) and 1 daughter

We purposely planned our escape from a lifetime of being Californians to get to WA and I feel like I'm home now (insert giddy heart emoji for WA here) 

* I fully believe in girl power and that us girls can leave our marks to help change the world

* I am committed to witty humor, laughing as much as possible, and brownies

* When I'm not being artistic, laughing, eating, having a love affair with Netflix or hanging out with the family I love to volunteer for causes that are close to my heart

* I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and half of a Master's in Social Work

* In a perfect world I would bring back the 80's because they are totally RAD (I'm not giving up on RAD making a comeback)

*  Did I mention brownies??

If you're still here with me after all that reading thank you and let's connect!  You can reach me pretty much any time of the day via the contact page here, messaging me on FB, texting me or emailing me. I would love to hear from you!

A Few of My Good Time Family Memories

Bold, Creative, Artistic portraits for your memories.  Serving Kitsap County, WA and beyond

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